Who uses Pill Glide?

People of all ages. Anyone who has the slightest difficulty or anxiety about swallowing tablets and capsules is a good candidate for a bottle of Pill Glide. Here are some groups that have found Pill Glide especially useful in their lives:

Children transitioning from liquid medications to tablets and capsules. Pill Glide can be a fun tool for parents to use as a way to get their children accustomed to swallowing tablets and capsules.

People with specific medical conditions, or even treatments, that lead to swallowing disorders. Pill Glide is one potential way to alleviate the stress come medication time.

People taking multiple medications daily. Pill Glide is a welcome addition to the daily routine of taking all your tablets and capsules.

People taking medications, vitamins or supplements that have a bad taste or smell.

Caregivers. Pill Glide can make it easier for you to administer tablets and capsules to your loved one.

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