children and parentsPill Glide…Helping you help your children

Tablets, capsules & vitamins go down easier with Pill Glide – and they’ll taste great too.

Do you remember the first time you had to swallow a pill when you were a child?  It may seem routine to you now, but if you’re like most of us, those first few years of taking tablets and capsules were pretty rough.  No matter how much pleading and prodding your parents did, there was absolutely no chance you were going to swallow that medicine.  “It’ll get stuck in my throat!” was your frightened reaction.  To your 8 or 9 year old eyes, even the smallest pills looked like they were meant for a horse.

Fast forward a few years (or decades), now you’re the one trying to convince your child to swallow those itsy bitsy pills.  “It’s easy”, you say.  Their response, “No way!”  So what’s a mum or dad to do?  Lucky for you and your child, you’ve got a helpful new tool at your disposal.  It’s called Pill Glide and it was designed with you and your kids in mind.  Just a few sprays in your child’s mouth help tablets and capsules slide right down.  And because it tastes good, your kids will enjoy taking their pills, instead of running for the hills.  The most common reaction we get from mum’s and dad’s that have used Pill Glide for their son or daughter…”Where was this when I was a kid?”

After a decade and a half of providing safe, effective flavoring for liquid medications, we are proud to offer parents another great solution to help keep their children healthy & happy.
Pill Glide is sugar-free, dye-free, non-allergenic and does not contain glutens or caseins.  Each bottle of Pill Glide has about 300 sprays in it, which will last the average child about 2-3 months. Pill Glide spray bottles are 100% BPA free.