pharmaciesPill Glide is a flavored spray that makes swallowing tablets and capsules easier for your customers. Studies show that over 40% of adults have some difficulty swallowing their medicine due to the size, taste, or smell of the tablets and capsules. According the information found on the NHS website, “30-40% of elderly people staying in nursing homes have some degree of dysphagia.”

Pill Glide helps overcome these hurdles by combining four great flavours (Orange, Strawberry, Grape, and Peach) with a special formulation that allows pills to glide down your throat. Whether your customers are simply looking for a better way to swallow tablets and capsules, or they cringe at the thought of the never ending task of staying on schedule with their pills, we invite you to offer Pill Glide.

While Pill Glide is great for adults, it’s also a useful tool to help children transition from liquid medicine to pills. When their children are ready for pills, Pill Glide is the next logical purchase. Offer Pill Glide in your pharmacy today.