Vitamin Takers

vitaminsPill Glide… A better way to take your vitamins and supplements.

You take your vitamins and supplements religiously each day to keep your body and mind healthy, strong & fit.  But really, do they have to taste and smell like that?
And what’s with the size of those things?  You’ve got to work hard just to get those vitamins down.  Maybe that’s the point…no pain, no gain.  No longer.  Pill Glide makes taking your vitamins and supplements a whole lot easier.  Not only will it help you swallow large tablets and capsules, it also tastes great too!  No pain, big gain.

Pill Glide works by creating a thin, lubricating, flavored coating around your vitamins & supplements.  Just spray two to three times in your mouth, put the tablet or capsule on your tongue and swallow with a few sips of water.  Those large “horse pills” will slide right down.  Because Pill Glide creates a thin barrier between your tongue and the tablet or capsule, you’ll only taste the flavor you chose; strawberry, orange, peach or grape.  And if you‘re apprehensive about taking vitamins because you think they’ll get stuck in your throat, Pill Glide gives you the confidence to know that they won’t.

Each flavor variation of Pill Glide is sugar-free, dye-free and non-allergenic.  Pill Glide does not contain active ingredients and the spray bottles are 100% BPA-free.